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The New Audi A6 Has Been Leaked

Three images of Audi's new A6 have been leaked ahead of the car's Geneva reveal, and the styling isn't what you'd call surprising

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Audi - The New Audi A6 Has Been Leaked - News

We’re not supposed to be seeing Audi’s new A6 until the Geneva Motor Show, but thanks to - who’d have thought it - a leak, we’re getting an early preview. And, well…it’s a downsized A8, isn’t it?

It’s another car from Audi that embraces what can be diplomatically described as a ‘familial’ design language, but credit where credit’s due, there is actually quite a bit going on to differentiate the new model. It’s a more angular, sporty-looking saloon - we’re particularly digging the more muscular haunches over the rear wheels.

Audi - The New Audi A6 Has Been Leaked - News

There isn’t any new information to go along with the trio of leaked images, but that doesn’t matter, as the kind of tech featured in the A6 will be about as surprising as the styling. Read: not very. Why? Because it’ll borrow heavily from the A7, which we’ve already driven.

So, we can expect a plusher version of Audi’s Virtual Cockpit instrument binnacle display, two central screens with haptic feedback surfaces, a 48-volt mild hybrid system, and the promise of Level 4 autonomy being added further down the line.

Audi - The New Audi A6 Has Been Leaked - News

The range will kick off with the usual mix of inline-four and V6 petrol and diesel engines, all supplemented by the aforementioned mild hybrid system. At the pointier end of the range there will of course be an RS6, running the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 currently doing service in the Porsche Panamera Turbo.

We’ll know more when the car makes its official debut next week.