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The M850i Gran Coupe Is Coming To Ruin The Panamera's Day

A four-door Gran Coupe version of BMW's new 8-series has been spotted testing at the Nurburgring

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Like the idea of the new BMW 8-series, but expecting to be carrying rear-seat passengers with relative frequency? Allow us to present your ideal car.

It’s the four-door ‘Gran Coupe’ version of the two-door 8-series that was released a few weeks ago, in range-topping M850i trim. The footprint of the car should be the same, it’s just that there’s an extra pair of doors squeezed in, and it has a raised roofline to make life for the rear-most occupants a little more pleasant.

Would you prefer coupe looks, or four-door practicality?
Would you prefer coupe looks, or four-door practicality?

Weight should be similar to the two-door version, and the 523bhp and 553lb ft 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 won’t have changed. With that in mind, you should still be able to go from 0-62mph in a moderately absurd 3.7 seconds. Praise be for modern all-wheel drive systems.

Expect it to debut in 2019, and be priced similarly to the coupe. That means £76,270 for the entry-level 840d diesel and £100,045 for the full-fat M850i.

The question is, would you go for the two-door, or the four?