The Honda NSX Prototype Has Gone Up In Flames At The Nurburgring

The same NSX prototype which was spotted testing at the 'Ring this week is now little more than a charred, blackened shell after a catastrophic fire

Remind me later

Honda’s testing of the new NSX at the Nurburgring has ended in disaster, with a catastrophic fire consuming much of the car. Motor-Talk reports that two test drivers were forced to park up and flee the car after a fire broke out in the engine bay. Both occupants are thought to be OK.

The new NSX features a petrol V6 and electric motor powering the rear axle, with another two motors powering each of the front wheels. Ted Klaus, development chief for the project, has been quoted as saying that the team behind the car is “looking for the excitement of the [Ferrari] 458 at the price of the 911.” Given that both early 458s and 991 911 GT3s had a tendency to catch fire, this statement feels a little awkward in retrospect.