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The Dodge Challenger Demon Will Only Have One Seat To Save Weight

We know the Challenger SRT Demon will lose 90kg, but now we know how: all passenger seats will be optional...

Remind me later

Remember that 90kg+ SRT Demon weight loss Dodge has been on about? Now we know exactly what kind of diet the incoming Challenger king is on: it’s been stripped of all its passenger seats.

Yep, according to Motor Trend and numerous other outlets it’s a single-seater as standard, which accounts for a large chunk of the weight reduction.

Dropping the front passenger seat, rear bench and all the associated belts accounts for a substantial 51kg loss, but it looks as though you’ll be able to option them should you fancy terrifying a passenger or two.

Dodge - The Dodge Challenger Demon Will Only Have One Seat To Save Weight - News

The remaining weight is shed thanks to lighter 18 x 11-inch rims, fewer speakers, a load of missing carpet and sound insulation, lighter anti-roll bars, lighter brakes and a ‘deleted’ spare wheel. Oh, and a little weight has been shaved off by ditching the electrically adjusted steering column and the parking sensors. Thorough, no?

The total loss is 105kg, but when you factor in the Challenger’s hilariously fat 315-section front and rear drag radials plus flared wheel arches, the reduction stands at 97kg.

The car is expected to be revealed at the New York Auto Show this April.