The Devel Sixteen Is A 5000hp V16 Hypercar Of Horrors

Another Dubai motor show, another absolutely ludicrous supercar we suspect will never see light of day...

Remind me later
Picture 3 With a spec sheet reading much like a child's ultimate Top Trump card, the Devel Sixteen - seen here for the first time at the 2013 Dubai motor show - is the definition of insanity. Its mid-mounted V16 engine produces a claimed 5000hp (yes, five thousand), which will catapult the the Devel from 0-60mph in 1.8 seconds. In the words of Jeremy Clarkson, 1.8 seconds is now...until now. As for the hypercar's top speed, you'll see 560kph, apparently. That's 348mph in real money.
Looking like the result of a horrifying breeding experiment between a Lamborghini Veneno and a Pagani Zonda R, the Sixteen certainly looks the part, even if it does have the windscreen wiper from a 1980s Mercedes-Benz, the solid brake discs of a family hatchback and a front end so flimsy that the guy polishing the lint off it manages to knock it out of position. Picture 5 The Devel Sixteen is reported to cost $1M (£620,000) and three clients are understood to have already placed orders. If the hypercar's power figures were to be even half of those claimed, then the Devel Sixteen would appear to be pretty good value for money. Until then, we'll keep our eyes peeled for those flying pigs... Picture 4