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The Corvette ZR1 Blue Devil Sinkhole Victim Is Looking Mighty Fine Post-Restoration

After six weeks of restoration by Chevrolet, this 'Vette looks good as new

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This gorgeous ‘Blue Devil’ ZR1 was one of the more ‘fortunate’ victims of the Corvette Museum sinkhole which swallowed up eight ‘Vettes earlier this year. Despite falling 10 metres into the sinkhole and languishing at the bottom of the pit for three weeks before being recovered, it was started up and left the scene under its own power. However, there was still work to be done, with numerous damaged parts including the passenger-side wing, both doors, the windscreen and boot glass, plus cracked oil lines on the LS9 V8 engine.

It’s been restored over six weeks by Chevrolet, and we have to say, the results look superb. Next up is the one-millionth Corvette and the 1962 Corvette, which will be restored next year. The other five cars will be displayed unrestored in the Corvette Museum.