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The BMW 6-Series Coupe Isn't Dead Just Yet

Ahead of the anticipated arrival of the 8-series, BMW USA has dropped the 6-series from its line-up, but it is still being sold elsewhere

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BMW - The BMW 6-Series Coupe Isn't Dead Just Yet - News

We’re rather fond of the BMW 6-series. The current ‘F13’ model has been with us for a while now, but it still looks striking in a pretty sort of way all these years on. So, when we heard this week that the coupe version actually went out of production in February, we were a little sad. But don’t panic, as it’s not quite that simple.

Road and Track originally reported that the tin-top, two-door 6er was no more - citing a BMW spokesperson. However, we’ve since heard from BMW UK that the car is still being built, and production isn’t due to finish until May next year.

A BMW USA spokesperson has clarified that “end of production [for the coupe] was on February, 2017 in the US“. So it’s been dropped from the range in the USA, but it’s still alive and well elsewhere, including the UK.

BMW - The BMW 6-Series Coupe Isn't Dead Just Yet - News

What’s particularly interesting about the 6-series range is the coupe isn’t anywhere near as popular as the four-door ‘Gran Coupe’ version, which takes up 50 per cent of UK sales to the two-door’s 30 per cent. The convertible accounts for the remaining 20 per cent.

The coupe will be the first body style to be dropped from the range in the UK, with the Gran Coupe - which appeared a year later than the two-door - remaining on sale while a “phased” discontinuation of the 6-series takes place. To confuse matters further, there’s also a ‘6-series GT’ coming to replace the old 5-series Gran Turismo.

After the 6er has gone, the car won’t receive a “model for model replacement,” and we were told by BMW UK to expect it to be called something other than ‘6-series’. That’s almost certainly a hint about the rumoured 8-series, in case you didn’t clock that. The new flagship coupe has been spotted undergoing testing on several occasions, and should be with us within the next few years.