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The 10 Best Comments On CT This Week

It's been another great week for comments here at CT. Here are ten of the funniest

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10. She's Not Going To Be Happy...

311619_526221144100332_1140396746_n Best Comment 10

9. Over-charged Best Comment A

8. World's Most Pointless Video?

S2K Best Comment 8

7. Subaru-ception

8655_526177524104694_1570836133_n Best Comment 7

6. Shift Shop Reloaded 

971235_526224610766652_1575357408_n Best Comment B

5. On Par Best Comment C

4. Looks Comfortable

994808_526229590766154_1229248612_n Best Comment 4

3. 2000bhp? Pffft... Best Comment 3

2. Four Days Later...

225823_534181463312913_1978963232_n Best Comment 2

1. "Mint Condition"

988607_526220740767039_1304167554_n Best Comment 1