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Tesla’s Model 3 Performance Will Drift Thanks To A 'Track Mode'

As the first Tesla-approved media start to get behind the wheel of the new dual-motor Model 3 Performance, a semi-secret ‘track mode’ has come to light

Remind me later

The Tesla Model 3 Performance will officially drift, thanks to a new update that seems to turn the electronic nannies off.

The experimental ‘Track Mode’ – not its final name – turns all the car’s systems to their most extreme and backs-off the stability control, in theory making the car that much more predictable and natural-feeling at the limit.

A video was posted to the fledgling (and vertical format) Instagram TV service by YouTuber Marques Brownlee (a Model S owner) from inside the car, showing the mode being activated and the dual-motor Model 3 Performance taking a tight turn at the edge of grip, transitioning from entry understeer to exit oversteer.

Brownlee reckons that the lairy behaviour comes more easily to the Model 3 and its smaller dimensions than it does to his bigger, heavier Model S. We’d have to say it still doesn’t look tack-sharp on turn-in, but that could be down to plenty of other factors like weight or bad driving.

It’s expected that the mode will be issued as an over-the-airwaves update when it’s fully ready.