Swapping A Pristine NSX For A Broken Ferrari F355 Is Stupid Idea, Or Is It?

Tyler Hoover has made what might just be his boldest used car decision yet, but if it pays off...

Remind me later

We like Tyler Hoover because he makes the kind of used car buying choices we just don’t have the balls/financial irresponsibility to make. Given the bravery, we’d all love to buy something like a $7500 BMW 850i or a 243,000-mile Porsche ‘996’ 911 Carrera, wouldn’t we?

What we have here though is perhaps Mr Hoover’s bravest roll of the used car dice yet: he’s traded an extremely tidy Acura NSX - plus $10,000 - for a Ferrari F355. Which is currently broken.

The F355 already has a reputation for being temperamental plus hideously expensive to fix and maintain, but from the sounds of it, this one is particularly troublesome. The latest issue to take it off the road was a coolant leak, so it could just be a case of replacing a hose, or it might need the kind of engine work that’s possible only if you remortgage your house first.

If it’s the former though, Tyler has a lot to gain - after all, the used Ferrari market it utterly bonkers right now. This is definitely a project to follow…