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Super Truck Founder Banned From Competing In Australia After Doing Donuts On A Public Road

Former Nascar driver Robby Gordon has been indefinitely banned from competing in Australia and had to go to court after doing doughnuts on a public street in his Stadium Super Truck

Remind me later

Stadium Super Truck racer Robby Gordon has been handed an indefinite visa ban by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) for doing doughnuts on a public road last Saturday.

He was also fined more than $4000 (Aus) by the courts for the very unsubtle bit of hooning you see above. CAMS has condemned Gordon - who also happens to be the owner and founder the Stadium Super Trucks series - and will prevent him from getting a visa to be able to compete in Australia indefinitely.

“Such irresponsible behaviour in a racing vehicle and in an uncontrolled environment on a public road is simply inexcusable,” the CAMS statement reads, “and it has the potential to harm the reputation and integrity of our sport across all levels.”

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In court, the judge said it was important to keep motorsport and public road driving separate.

“So-called ‘hoon’ behaviour is not respective of our values, and won’t be tolerated,” he said. “We are disappointed that this incident is not demonstrative of the requisite level of professionalism demanded by modern motorsport.”