Tony Pimpo 9 years ago 0

Spyker C8 Aileron Spyder Released

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Spyker holds a place as one of my favorite car companies ever - quirky but totally cool at the same time. The C8 Aileron is the latest iteration of the company's C8 line that began with the C8 Laviolette.  The Laviolette was unique, but the Aileron was what really made me a fan. Aviation is an integral part of Spyker's heritage, and with the C8 Aileron, the company moved from propeller planes to jet planes for the car's design inspiration. SpykerC8AileronSpyderFrontViewTopDown The approach works really well - sales have increased appropriately and Spyker is doing better than ever. Spyker is hoping these models will crack the tough North American market, adding some more sales volume. We love our convertibles, so here comes the Spyker C8 Aileron Spyder! Stylistically, especially with the top up it's very clear which one is the better looking of the two: the coupe. The car doesn't seem very well designed for a Spyder iteration. Notice the front A-pillar that looks awkwardly cut off - and what's with the lettering all around the base of the convertible top? The coupe wins for aesthetic reasons. But, it does do it's part to expand Spyker's reach and desirability since open air motoring has a strong appeal for other reasons than just styling. I'm eager to see what Spyker comes up with next. Whatever it is, it's likely to have 4-doors. Either a sedan or the D8 Peking-to-Paris SUV. SpykerC8AileronSpyderTopUp spykerfrontangle