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Sponsored Video: Bentley Mulsanne Mimics The Bloodhound SSC

Wing Commander Andy Green (Bloodhound SSC pilot) talks us through Bentley's approach to speed with the Mulsanne

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You might've heard about the Bloodhound SSC project. Yes, the one with the rocket-shaped car aiming to crack 1,000mph on land and driven by some crazy nutter going by the name of Wing Commander Andy Green. Well it turns out Green isn't such a madman after all as he decides to commandeer a Bentley Mulsanne to let 'er rip on the Salt Flats of Utah, USA. This all in the name of speed and Bentley's dedication to innovation in the luxury, speedster market. The video below shows Green take the Mulsanne up to the dizzying speed of 191mph (that's exactly a quarter of the current land speed record which Green set 15 years ago in the 763mph Thrust SSC): Elsewhere in the Bentley range, the V8 Continental continues to make a great impression in the motoring world, and on the general public who are starting to shy away from brash W12 engines in favour of lighter and more economical power units. Not that this trend is stopping the Bloodhound SSC team - this high speed vehicle is powered by a jet engine and rocket alongside a Cosworth CA2010 Formula 1 V8 petrol engine auxiliary power unit. After a successful engine test, the Bloodhound is looking to start its real-world testing in mid-2013 with record-setting runs a hopeful for end of 2013 leading into 2014. We certainly can't wait, and maybe it's not too long before we see a jet engine-powered Bentley Continental? We can still dream... This post is sponsored by Bentley