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Special-Edition Defender Riffs Off Camel Trophy 4x4s

A new limited-run Land Rover Defender Trophy Edition pays tribute to the classic Camel Trophy off-road challenge, but it’s only destined for America

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Special-Edition Defender Riffs Off Camel Trophy 4x4s - News

Land Rover is making sure we all know that the Defender is worthy of its name and capable off-road. Not only did the pre-production testing regime include deserts, ice shelves and plenty of deep water, but now there’s a version designed to look like an old Camel Trophy warrior.

You’re looking at the Land Rover Defender Trophy Edition. Like the cars that competed in the punishing annual off-road Camel Trophy challenge from 1980 to 2000 in far-flung places like South America, it features the same ‘sandglow’ nacho cheese yellow paint scheme. There’s also an expedition roof rack with a deployable ladder, mud flaps and floor mats, an on-board air compressor and a bash plate under the front bumper. A winch is officially optional, but we reckon it’s a must-have.

Special-Edition Defender Riffs Off Camel Trophy 4x4s - News

What there isn’t is any Camel Trophy branding, as it’s no longer a good look to splash the logos of a cigarette brand down each side of a car. But the front doors come with a logo that’s been designed to look like the logos you’d find on later Camel Trophy cars. You’ll notice that the car doesn’t come with Land Rover’s side panniers.

Special-Edition Defender Riffs Off Camel Trophy 4x4s - News

Most of the Camel Trophy racers were diesels, but the Trophy Edition features Land Rover’s powerful 3.0-litre straight-six mild-hybrid petrol engine. Power stands at 395bhp (with 550Nm of torque), and 0-62mph takes 6.1 seconds - although that stat won’t be particularly relevant if you’re taking the Defender through the world’s most inhospitable terrain.

But you’ll only be able to buy one if you live in North America, and you’ll need to be quick as only 220 are being built. Each will cost $90,000 (roughly £65,000).

Special-Edition Defender Riffs Off Camel Trophy 4x4s - News

That price also buys you a ticket to a Land Rover off-road event in North Carolina. Whoever wins that event will be invited to a Land Rover Trophy Competition at the company’s Eastnor Castle proving ground here in the UK early next year.

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