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Someone's Managed Over 1000km On A Single Tesla Model S Charge

Tesla Owners Italia has beaten the previous record for the longest distance traveled by a Model S on a single charge, by travelling 1078km

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Image via Tesla Owners Italia
Image via Tesla Owners Italia

Only a few weeks ago we learned that someone had managed to clock a colossal 900km (560 miles) in a Tesla Model S, but already, that record has been broken.

At the time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk suggested that over 1000km would be possible with the right tyres, and sure enough, Tesla Owners Italia has managed it. In fact, the Italian group smashed the 1000km mark, hitting 1078km, or 670 miles in old money.

Just like the 900km record set in Belgium a few weeks ago, this latest feat was done using a P100D, and a P100D traveling at a slow speed. The club hasn’t released much in the way of statistics for the run, but the trip computer shot above shows that the final 77km took over two hours to complete. Crunch the numbers, and you end up with an average speed of about 24mph.

Assuming the Model S averaged roughly 24mph throughout the run, it would have taken them about 28 hours to do. So, this isn’t exactly something Model S owners will be replicating in the real world, but it’s impressive nonetheless. And before too long, that kind of mileage might well be achievable in an electric car without having to crawl along at 24mph…