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Someone's Made A Porsche Cayman 'GTR', And It's Stunning

With an enlarged 911 engine, GT3 RS bits and a custom widebody conversion, this might just be the best 987 Cayman we've ever seen

Remind me later

Built by a firm out in the US called Road Scholars, this is quite some Cayman. It’s been dubbed a ‘Cayman GTR’, a title which - as far as we can see - is more than justified.

Using a 987-generation Cayman as a base, it’s been given a spectacular custom widebody conversion, an enlarged 911 engine (4.2-litre), various GT3 RS parts (including carbon ceramic brakes), an exquisite-looking CAE ‘Ultra Short Shifter, a completely reworked interior and much more besides.

It looks awesome, sounds awesome, and no doubt drives rather nicely too. If there’s a better 987 Cayman out there, we’re yet to see it.