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San Franciso Bridge Traffic Brought To A Halt By Mustangs Doing Donuts

Illegal car theatrics on the Bay Bridge resulted in charges and arrests for three drivers performing a 'sideshow'

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Now, this is one journey through morning rush-hour traffic you wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

Imagine you are sitting in your car, either tuned in to your favourite station or on the phone to a friend when all hell breaks loose. That is exactly what happened on California’s Bay Bridge over the weekend.

A video captured by a bystander shows three cars being used to perform doughnuts in the middle of the road - something Americans refer to as a ‘sideshow’.

After being alerted to the stunt, one of the vehicles - a white Ford Mustang - was stopped by officers from California’s Highway Patrol. The driver was arrested at the scene and read his rights for reckless driving.

San Franciso Bridge Traffic Brought To A Halt By Mustangs Doing Donuts - News

After initially evading police as they weaved in and out of traffic at speeds reportedly reaching 100mph, the other two suspects in the Fast and Furious-like escapade were pulled over a short time later. One of their cars was impounded for thirty days as they had been driving without holding a licence.

“Thank you to the public for calling in the crimes witnessed as well as providing us with video evidence to assist with charges filed,” CHP said on its Twitter page.

On a separate post put on Facebook, CHP wrote: “Two drivers decided that their adrenaline & ego was more important than the safety of themselves or others.”

By Jason Craig