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Richard Hammond Escapes Serious Injury After Huge Crash In Switzerland

Grand Tour presenter Hammond has been involved in a fiery crash while filming with a Rimac Concept One in Switzerland, escaping with only minor injuries

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Richard Hammond Escapes Serious Injury After Huge Crash In Switzerland - News

Richard Hammond has escaped serious injury after being been involved in a huge car accident while filming for The Grand Tour in Switzerland.

He has been taken to a hospital via helicopter after the incident St. Gallen, which saw the Rimac Concept One he was driving flip over and catch fire, according to a spokesperson for the local police force.

The Grand Tour has now released a statement regarding the accident, showing the remains of the Rimac, and confirming that - thankfully - he escaped serious injury. He has suffered a fractured knee, but nothing worse - and no one else was involved in the accident.

Hammond had been filming for The Grand Tour’s second series in the area, with the Rimac joined by a Honda NSX and a Lamborghini Aventador S. He had been taking part in the Hemburg Hill Climb at the time of the crash.

Footage of the moment Hammond lost control of the Rimac soon emerged on social media, showing the presenter hitting a barrier after appearing to lose the back end of the vehicle.

This isn’t the only time the 47-year-old has been involved in a serious accident during filming. A Top Gear shoot in 2006 ended in disaster when the Vampire jet dragster he was driving had a tyre blow out at 288mph. The crash left the presenter with severe head injuries.

Three months ago, Hammond fell off a motorbike in Mozambique, knocking himself unconscious.