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Rejoice: The Long-Awaited 'New Stratos' Is Back On

25 examples of the Lancia Statos homage first revealed as a concept in 2010 will finally be made

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Rejoice: The Long-Awaited 'New Stratos' Is Back On - News

Back in 2010, much of the motoring world was collectively salivating over the prospect of a new Lancia Stratos. Well, sort of - it was a project launched by billionaire German businessman Michael Stoschek, who commissioned Pininfarina to design a modern re-imagination of the legendary Lancia coupe.

The concept version used a Ferrari 430 Scuderia as a base, with 200mm lopped off the chassis to echo the original Stratos’ stunted proportions. It seemed an appropriate choice - the old Stratos was powered by a Ferrari V6, so why not give the new one a Maranello-built V8? Unfortunately it wasn’t to be, because Ferrari wasn’t happy.

Ferrari blocked Pininfarina from making the thing, along with anyone else who might want to try. It seemed like that was that, but nearly eight years on, it looks like the Stratos Homage is finally going to happen.

Rejoice: The Long-Awaited 'New Stratos' Is Back On - News

A firm called Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT) has licensed the car from Stoschek, and will be building 25 units. We’re not entirely sure what will be used as a base (there’s a distinct lack of technical information in the press release), but MAT has said it’ll have 542bhp.

Interestingly, the platform the firm is using “will allow the creation of a GT racer, a Safari version” along with “a competent supercar for the daily use.” Already, we want them all.

The trio of cars will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, along with pricing. There’s no indication yet as to how much they’ll cost, but we wouldn’t be surprised at all if it ends up being a six-figure sum…