Fiat made some really cool concept cars back in the day

1994 I.DE.A. Fiat Lampo

The Fiat Lampo was designed by Italian design and engineering company I.De.A Institute S.r.l. back in 1994.
It was based on the 1st generation Fiat Punto, of which it represented a coupé-style renterpretation.

1992 Fiat ItalDesign Lucciola

The ItalDesign Lucciola was presented at the 1992 Turin Motor Show as ItalDesign’s proposal for a replacement of the Cinquecento.
It used an unusual hybrid engine configuration: under the hood a two-cylinder diesel engine with a maximum power output of just 7,5 hp was mounted, but the car also featured two electric motors, one for each rear wheel, each with a poer output of 9,5 hp. In total, the Lucciola developed 26,5 hp.

Fiat, however, due to high costs, discarded the prototype, which was then abandoned. However, it later inspired the hugely successful Daewoo Matiz, also designed by Giugiaro.

1995 Fiat Barchetta Coupe Maggiora

In 1995 Carrozzeria Maggiora designed a coupé version of the Barchetta roadster. Unfortunately, the Barchetta Coupe never entered production, due to Maggiora not having the necessary productive capacity and Fiat already selling the Coupé.

1992 Fiat I.DE.A. Grigua

Not much is known about the Grigua, except it was shown at the 1992 Turin Motor Show and that it was based on the Fiat Cinquecento. I honestly kinda like it.

1994 Fiat Punto Racer Bertone

The Punto Racer was built by Bertone in 1994.

It was based on the Fiat Punto Cabrio, also built by Bertone, and was powered by the Punto 90’s 88 hp engine.

1994 Fiat Punto Monomille Zagato

The Monomille was built by Zagato in 1994.

It was inspired by Fiat’s aerodynamic record-breaking racecars from the ‘50s and featured a completely redesigned body with an adjustable rear wing.

1994 Fiat Punto Surf

Coggiola‘s Punto Surf was a two-seat concept first shown at the 1994 Turin Motor Show.
It was intended for the younger crowd, specifically those who frequently visit the beach.

A crossover of a car and pick-up truck, the Surf incorporated unique styling cues, including tinted windows, color-matched wheels, smooth lines, and the indicatiors were moved away from the headlights.

1994 Fiat Punto 4x4 TL Giannini

The Punto 4x4 TL (“Tempo Libero”, “Free Time”) was presented by historical Fiat tuner Giannini at the 1994 Turin Motor Show.

It was designed to be functional, versatile and roomy, and is larger than the original Punto on which it is based. It was basically a bigger Panda 4x4.
Obviously, as with the Panda 4x4, Steyr-Puch were involved on the mechanical development side of the project.

1994 Fiat Punto Doblone Boneschi

The Doblone was a six-wheeled pick-up built by Boneschi for the 1994 Turin Motor Show. It used a second, standard Punto rear axle to significantly increase the load carrying ability of this vehicle. The fuel tank is located at the rear, allowing two rear seats to be installed, facing one another. Several variants were prosed, including a van, a people-carrier, an ambulance, etc.

1994 Fiat Punto Grama 2 Maggiora

The Fiat Punto Grama 2, also known as “PuntoGrale”, was a one-off concept car built by Carrozzeria Maggiora in 1994.

It featured a new, aggressive widebody kit and used the engine, transmission and AWD system from the Lancia Dedra Integrale. The engine was a turbocharged 2.0-litre inline-4 with a power output of 162 hp.

And that’s it for now. I might post another part soon. Which one of these is your favourite?


David 29

Nice post and i never heard or see about these Fiat Projects :)

The last one is my favourite

01/25/2020 - 17:25 |
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Senator Chinchilla

Awesome post! These are really cool to look at. I wish that Fiat Barchetta coupe had been a thing, it looks great.

01/25/2020 - 22:25 |
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Mr. Kei (A Random Corolla) (ZoomZoomer32) (Käfer für i

Certo che girava più coca che soldi in Fiat tra il 90 e l’inizio 2000… Comunque la Barchetta coupe sarebbe stata meravigliosa

02/18/2020 - 10:51 |
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