Adnan Ebrahim 12 years ago

Project Kahn RS450 Bali Blue Range Rover Vogue

Remind me later
"Money affords exclusivity". That's a saying which pretty much rings true in life with a large wallet able to open larger doors than many would think possible. So - if money was no object - why be content driving around in a luxury vehicle or supercar that hundreds if not thousands of others like you also own? This is where Afzal Kahn steps into the fray. A British business tycoon from Bradford, this self-made mogul asked himself the same question, and then proceeded to do something about it. Enter Project Kahn who in their own words are "for the individual who will not submit to a life of uniformity and who will only accept perfection". Such individuals who have £88,875 to spare, may look toward the RS450 Range Rover Vogue in Bali Blue which has just been released by the northern firm and which is set to become one of the leading luxury Vogues on the market today. Whilst the overall body shape and a few finer pickets such as the alloy centre caps remain the same in Range Rover's essential design, mostly everything else has been re-examined and refined under Kahn's spotlight. Take the facade, not only have side skirts been lowered but there is a new quad exhaust, LED running lights, Kahn kickplates, bespoke door handles and unbelievably, even undercar lighting. So whilst the Vogue remains quintessentially rugged, it's become a bit prettier, a bit more high maintenance. And that's not even before we've stepped inside. It's a similar story sitting behind the wheel. Replaced are the standard rev counters and instead there are custom Kahn rings, mats, bezel (which is Swarovski crystal I might add) and machine-milled aluminium pedals. This is what we've come to expect from Project Kahn's lineup which now spans around 20 manufacturers and even more different models. For the final icing on your exclusive cake, you can really go full custom and specify exact trim colours, patterns and any other design features you might want. Afzal Kahn has taken bespoke luxury design to the next level and with Mr. Jobs services to the world of digital and product design, it's only a matter of time before someone takes a swing at the car industry, intent on bringing ultimate beauty but only to those who can afford this perfection.