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Pickup Truck Repossession Turns Into Awkward Tug Of War

A driver having his Ford F-250 repossessed in Florida decided to put up a fight, with damaging results

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Having one of your prized possessions repossessed must be a harrowing experience, but what you see here isn’t exactly the best way to deal with it. According to the video description, this pickup was being repossessed in the Miami area, when the owner arrived on the scene, and all hell broke loose.

He’d chased the recovery truck driver “a couple of miles” and upon arrival jumped back in the pickup, apparently wanting to recover his belongings. While he was at it, he tried to drive the vehicle away, which - being chained up - was never going to go well.

What followed was an awkward tug of war, which ended up damaging the back of the pickup. Police soon arrived on the scene and arrested the driver.

Source: Viral Hog via Car Scoops