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Paul Walker's Stolen Cars Are Being Returned

A lawsuit alleging that an associate of Paul Walker stole 30 cars after the star's death has been settled, and it's emerged some of the vehicles are being returned

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Paul Walker's Stolen Cars Are Being Returned - News

Since the tragic death of Fast and Furious star Paul Walker in 2013, it’s felt like we’ve had a never-ending stream of lawsuits. Walker’s daughter Meadow sued the estate of Roger Rodas - the man driving the Carrera GT Walker was in at the time of his death - as well as Porsche, a company that received further legal action from Walker’s father and Rodas’ widow. Perhaps the most bizarre lawsuit however, concerns what happened to part of the late actor’s car collection.

Less than 24 hours after he lost his life, it’s alleged that Richard Taylor - an associate of Walker’s - effectively stole 30 of his cars by moving them to a new location he refused to disclose to the family. Previously, they’d been stored in a warehouse where Taylor worked and occasionally helped care for the vehicles.

The Smoking Tire visited the car collection of an unnamed person back in 2012, later revealed to be Walker

The purpose of the original suit was to recover either the cars - including a 2011 911 GT3 RS and multiple BMW M3s - or their monetary value, however it’s emerged that the legal action has since been dismissed Los Angeles Superior Court due to a resolution being reached. A lawyer for the Walker family said: “It was settled amicably and one of the conditions is that we’re getting things back.”

It’s unclear how many of the cars will be returned, as it was originally alleged that several of the cars had already been sold.