Alex Hamilton 5 years ago 0

Parkour Is Cool. But 'Carkour' Will Get You Mad Respect

It's like Parkour only with cars instead of buildings. Who knew?

Remind me later
If  you like your original pranksters, you should check these guys out on YouTube. They're called RossCreations and they've done all sorts of pranks from making a mockery of McDonalds' Drive-Thrus to driving around town with a detached petrol pump still in the filler. This is their latest creation, 'Carkour'.
Back flipping off bonnets, handstands on roofs, ducking under cars and even tunneling through strangers' car interiors. You name it, he'll do it. We're not sure this new sport will catch on. In fact, we're amazed none of the drivers reacted like this crazy Aussie bloke!