One Corner Wipes Out Half Of Moto3 Field In Bizarre Multi-Bike Crash

MotoGP feeder championship Moto3’s race at the French Grand Prix featured this hilariously strange accident, with almost half of the entire field crashing at the exact same corner

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It took just a few seconds for almost half the field to wipe out in one corner at the Moto3 French GP, with the riders piling into the gravel trap one after the other.

The bizarre crash seems to have been caused by an oil leak, making things particularly slippery at that exact turn. Nevertheless, you’d think the riders further back would slow up at the sight of their rivals sliding off into the gravel at high speed. But no.

The scenes at the crash corner were absolutely mad from the helicopter view, with bikes and riders scattered everywhere.

The Moto3 race not only included that multi-bike smash, but also this absolutely mind-blowing save by Darryn Binder during the race.

His bike got very, very loose on the kerb at the corner exit and almost flung him off but somehow he managed to keep hold of his machine and continue. Further proof motorbike racers aren’t from this planet.