San Jose BMW Motorcycle Horrible Experience

I used to always wonder what kind of a person it took to write a bad review of a business. I’ve always been one of those people who got along with everyone, and I hated it when someone would come into the store I work at and complain about things that made no sense to complain about. Those were the kinds of people I assumed wrote negative reviews.

I also used to wonder how many scam artists out there would try to write a negative review just so they could try to run a scam on a business for one reason or another. Either way, when I was just starting out in the business world, and always treated customers nice, I just couldn’t wrap my head around why anyone would complain.

Unfortunately, as I have aged, I’ve discovered that not all store employees have a belief that the customer is always right or even that they should treat a customer with respect. I found that out long ago, but even as I have been in some less than friendly businesses in my lifetime, none could compare to the rude attitudes I experienced when I went to San Jose BMW Motorcycle a few days ago to check out the motorcycles.

I spent the morning packing things up to drop off at a local charity because my wife and I are remodeling our garage and needed to haul some things away. I suppose I looked a little unkempt, but nonetheless, I don’t think I looked homeless yet that is precisely what the rude salesman called me when I was inside the store looking around.

I walked into San Jose BMW and less than 30 seconds after I entered the store, a seriously rude salesman walked up and said to me, “Is there a reason you’re in here today?” His tone of voice was rather mean and the way he spoke to me was as if he thought I was the lowest of the low or something. I am assuming he saw my old jeans and the old t-shirt I had on and thought I was a vagrant or something.

I tried to keep my cool and I grinned at him and told him I was just checking out the bikes because I had been considering taking lessons to learn to ride and I wanted to buy a good motorcycle. I then asked him if they (San Jose BMW) offered classes to learn to ride or if he might know of a place.

This guy had the nerve to tell me to go to the library and do a Google search! He then told me they didn’t have time for people like me who were just coming in to hang out to get out of the sun. I was shocked and on top of that, I was to the point of being mad at this idiot.

I’m a licensed electrician and I own my own shop. I’m not a bum nor am I homeless. As a matter of fact, after busting my butt all my life, I own a house in San Jose and have one in Colorado as well for my wife and I to vacation in since we both enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

San Jose BMW lost business a few days ago when I walked out. I will never return to that place and I would advise anyone else who plans to go there to be sure to dress well or they will be rude to you. There is no way that an employee should ever treat a customer the way I was treated, and even if a homeless person walks in, treat them with a little kindness.


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