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Oblivious Trucker Drags Wrecked Car Four Miles Along The Freeway

How it's possible not to see a crashed car hanging off the side of your truck, we don't know, but whatever the cause of the accident, this trucker was unaware until forced to stop by other drivers

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This is the moment a passing driver caught sight of a truck dragging a car down an American freeway, apparently completely unaware of the wrecked vehicle hanging off his rear end.

Amazingly, despite the car being massively visible in the trucker’s mirrors, the man who filmed this video says the pair went at least four miles joined together like this. We don’t know how the accident occurred in the first place but the car looks like a certain write-off. As for how the truck driver missed this, we can only assume he doesn’t check his mirrors. Ever.

The video also captures the truck apparently being stopped by another car, shortly after which the driver of the wrecked motor seems to ask the man filming the action to stop.