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Nissan GT-R Convertible: Hot Or Not?

A Californian company is offering to convert your R35 GT-R into a cabriolet, and we want to know what you think of the results

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Nissan GT-R Convertible 5 Nissan has never offered the R35 GT-R as a convertible, but that hasn't stopped a Californian company from offering an aftermarket conversion. The firm in question is Newport Convertible Engineering, who have been responsible for dubious cabriolet conversions in the past on cars like the Range Rover and Jaguar XJ. Nissan GT-R Convertible 4 The GT-R conversion is being offered in three different styles: the Porsche Carrera GT-like option seen here, one with long buttresses stretching behind the seats, or a simpler design with a flatter rear section. By the looks of it these images are renders rather than pictures of the real thing, but Newport Convertible seem deadly serious about offering this conversion. The process will of course add weight and drastically reduce the car's rigidity, but we want to know what you guys think of the looks. Get voting!