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New Stats Show Your Stupidity Is The Modern Car Thief's Best Friend

These staggering new statistics show how many car owners are losing out big time due to their own complacency - and how fast that number is rising

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New Stats Show Your Stupidity Is The Modern Car Thief's Best Friend - News

Cars are more secure than ever, but there’s a rising trend in the USA for thefts involving the owner’s keys.

As bizarre as it sounds to any car guy or girl who guards their car key like it’s their first-born child, thefts where criminals have simply picked up keys when the car owner has left them lying around, or in the car itself, have risen 31 per cent between 2013 and 2015.

Whether it’s leaving the car running while grabbing a quick coffee, letting the car warm up alone outside the house, or just leaving keys on a coffee shop table while taking your cup back, thieves are increasingly taking advantage of car owners’ complacency, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). And it’s rarely just a mistake.

Winter is coming, in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway, and plenty of people still seem happy to let their car warm up unoccupied. People still leave them on their driveways and even the street to let them heat up, while they themselves retreat to the warmth their central heating made earlier.

New Stats Show Your Stupidity Is The Modern Car Thief's Best Friend - News

But with California alone reporting 22,580 of these thefts using the proper keys over the three-year study period, it’s a type of crime we all need to be more aware of.

NICB President and CEO Joe Wehrle said: “Anti-theft technology has had a tremendous impact on reducing thefts over the past 25 years, but if you don’t lock it up, it’s not going to help.

“Complacency can lead to a huge financial loss and inconvenience for the vehicle owner. Leaving a vehicle unlocked or with the key or FOB inside gives a thief the opportunity to take not only the car, but also any possessions inside. It can also provide access to your personal information if the registration is left in the glove compartment.

“We have reports from our law enforcement partners that car thieves have stolen the car, driven it to the residence and burglarized the home before the owner even knew the vehicle was missing.”

If that doesn’t scare you into vigilance, we don’t know what will. Stay safe out there!