Common Problems With S13s

Every old car has its quirks, but here are some to be aware of in case you’re planning on (or already own) an S13:|

Foam Spoilers Causing Rust
The foam spoilers that came on 240s are also known as “rust sponges”. This is because they retain water and slowly but surely rust out your hatch. Throw that thing away and either swap the hatch or do the body work.

Rusted Frame Rails
Obviously, you need to look out for rust in any older car. Hot spots are always underneath the car, in the wheel wells, and around windshields. This is just something to check for structural integrity.

Subframe Bushings
These tend to wear out. Many people avoid poly bushings and go for the OEM style rubber ones as the suspension needs to move in more than a single axis. Poly bushings are a bit stiff and will end up being too stiff.

Fan Clutches
The fan clutches can end up being incredibly loud in these cars. Either replace it with something aftermarket or go electric.

Coolant Temperature Sensors
These tend to fail a lot. It’s a good place to start looking if you’re seeing lights.

Timing Chain Rattle
This is usually caused by either low oil pressure, a stuck tensioner, or a mechanically broken tensioner

Leaking Tails and Hatches



Fiberglass and bondo is how i fixed my spoiler rust holes

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