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Mountune's 394bhp Ford Focus RS M400 Is Here

UK tuner Mountune has released its latest batch of Mk3 Focus RS upgrades, which bump the 2.3-litre Ecoboost engine's output to 394bhp

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Ford - Mountune's 394bhp Ford Focus RS M400 Is Here - News

The near-400bhp Ford Focus RS500 rumoured last year will most likely not happen. The US dealer network was reported to be not sold on the idea, killing off the prospect of such a thing. But don’t fret, as if you want that kind of power from your Mk3 Focus RS, the aftermarket already has an answer.

At last weekend’s Silverstone-based Ford Fair show, renowned Blue Oval tuners Mountune announced its latest kit for the current RS. It continues to follow the tuner’s “modular approach,” so if you already have an existing Mountune upgrade kit on your RS, you can get a slimmed down box o’ bits that’ll build on what you already have.

If you have a bog standard RS, the kit you want is £3495, and comes with a high-flow induction kit, an upgraded re-circulation valve for the turbo, a new intercooler, a recalibrated ECU, a turbo outlet hard pipe, various three-inch exhaust components, a sound suppression chamber and - of course - a couple of Mountune badges.

Ford - Mountune's 394bhp Ford Focus RS M400 Is Here - News

Unlike some other Mountune kits, this one isn’t Ford-approved, so it’s likely you’ll be binning your warranty by having it fitted. But since it results in 394bhp and 413lb ft of torque, that might well be a worthy sacrifice.

Also new is a rather natty cast inlet manifold (above) which is “recommended in applications surpassing the OE plastic components [sic] design limit of 400bhp.” For those wanting to push past the 400bhp mark, Mountune also now sells block upgrades along with a beefed up gearbox and forged rods/pistons. If you’re really serious, it’ll be possible to build quite a monster…