Moog's New MCM Car Has Been Revealed

Moog from Mighty Car Mods has revealed his new car for the series. The mods have already begun, and we'll be seeing them soon!

Remind me later

Here’s what Moog had to say about the car:

When I think of my ‘dream’ car, there’s not just one car that fits the bill. I end up with a number of cars in mind, like I’m sure most of us do. But when I imagine that dream selection, this is one of the cars that makes the list every time. So when this one landed on my radar in Japan, there was only one option. Get it on a boat and bring it to Australia.

I’ve actually had this car for a little while now and already started on the mods. I’ll fill you in with all the details in the next video. But for now, I’m taking it back to where it all began for me, and I haven’t been this excited about a car for years.
As a kid I didn’t dream of supercars, I dreamed of something like this…

Are you excited to see the transformation of this classic Mini?