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Man Stopped By Police For Driving With A Parrot On His Steering Wheel

Never mind the fuss about mobile phones - this guy was driving along the motorway with a parrot perched on his steering wheel

Remind me later

A driver in Kent has been slapped with a fine after being spotted by police with a parrot on his steering wheel. Yes, that’s a parrot. On his steering wheel.

Apparently the 20-something driver, who clearly couldn’t see the road properly because of the exotic bird in front of his face, was returning it to a friend but didn’t think to put the parrot in a cage for the journey.

Kent Police’s traffic units caught the man in a bit of a flap on the M20 during the morning rush hour, issuing him with a traffic offence report for not being in proper control of a vehicle. Sadly there’s no publicly available video of the stop.

It’s hard to believe he wasn’t punished more harshly. Maybe if the guy does it again, he’ll have to do bird