Aesthetic Enhancements, the Rare and OEM way | E110 Corolla (Euro version)

Aesthetic Enhancements, the Rare and OEM way | E110 Corolla (Euro version) - Toyota Corolla Forum

Good day CTzens, After a small conversation with MIKEL, we decided it was my turn to do this. Why you ask? Well MIKEL is rather new in the E11 scene, and I am not.
In this post we will go all through the eight gen Corolla and it’s OEM enhancements. This is however the E11 euro-spec. (The one that looks like the WRC-car).
This car is a bit tricky to do because it has a pre-facelift (PFL) and a facelift (FL) version. THe pic below shows the PFL on the left and the FL on the right.

Aesthetic Enhancements, the Rare and OEM way | E110 Corolla (Euro version) - Toyota Corolla Forum

1. Front bumpers for the PFL

Most pre-facelift E11’s came with the stock bumper you’ll see in the first picture of the gallery below. The lower-end models would be missing the Fog-lights though. A small change in fog-light placement was done for the GTSi model. This model had round fogs, more to the side of the bumper.

The first bumper (the one with the longer fogs) could be equiped with 3 different styles of lip. The first one is just a straight plastic lip that came on the luxury models (linea sol, linea luna). This lip is not being used by many of the enthousiasts. They look for the second lip. This lip is from the G6 model (named after it’s six speed gearbox). This one looks way more sporty with it’s curves. The third one is the lip of the G6R model. It looks exactly like the G6 lip, but it’s painted in the cars color. This effect can offcourse be done by painting a G6 lip.
If you want any of these lips on the GTSi-bumper (the one with the round fogs), you’ll have to cut the lips so they fit around the fogs.
The G6 and G6R lips are not super-rare, but you’ll have to look quite some time to find one.

Lastly there’s the holy grail in OEM front bumpers. The TTE (Toyota Team Europe) Bumper. This is a very rare item, wanted by many E11 enthousiasts. It is part of the TTE package given to the G6S (Germany only). Some people put this bumper on the Facelift, but that requires a bit of adapting.

2. Front bumpers for the FL

The facelifted E11 has only one stock bumper. You see it in the Gallery below.

As with the PFL, the FL also has a straight plastic lip that came on the luxury models. More interesting is the TTE-lip. Though not as rare as the TTE-bumper mentioned above, it can be hard to find. It makes the car look much more aggressive and sportive, so it’s worth the hassle.
And finaly, the rarest of them all. The Sportivo’s lip. The Sportivo is a liftback corolla that could only be bought in Australia. All it’s parts are super-rare (as is the car itself). You will not likely see these parts on another car than the sportivo itself.

3. Spoilers

Before I can begin this part, you need to now that the E11 Corolla has 4 bodystyles. A 3 door hatchback (most popular where I live), a 5 door liftback, a 4 door sedan and a 5 door station wagon. The back of the PFL and FL corolla’s are exactly the same. For every type there are diffrent spoilers obviously.

The hatchback has a standard black plastic roofspoiler from factory. The easy way of modding it, is to spray it in the body color of the car. The only other OEM sollution is to look out for the TTE-spoiler (yes TTE again. You will see a lot of this). The TTE-spoiler is well known in the E11 enthousiasts circle, and for good reasons. It looks amazing. It is hard to find, but doable.

Some liftbacks came without a spoiler, other had one with a third breaking light and only a few came with a spoiler without breaking light. Both spoilers are OEM, but most people look for the one with breaking light, because the liftback’s third breaking light (if not in spoiler) looks hideous.
The Sportivo had blocks under it’s spoiler wich made it sit higher.
Some people fit the hatchback’s roofspoiler on top of the liftback. This requires quite some work.

As far as I know, there are no OEM spoilers for the sedan.

The station does not have any OEM-spoilers under it’s Corolla name, however the Toyora Carib Sprinter shares the same back as the Corolla station, and the Carib Sprinter does have a spoiler. So if you’re not afraid to order directly from Japan, you could have one.

4. Sideskirts

All E11 Corolla’s have the same distance between wheels. This means that all sideskirts fit all types of Corolla E11.
There are basicly 4 options.
The first of these options is the G6R/CARIB SPRINTER SIDESKIRT. The G6R is a special edition of hatchback Corolla wich was fitted with the small ellegant sideskirts of the above mentioned Carib Sprinter. These are however very rare and hard to find (outside of Japan).
A second option is the AE111 LEVIN SIDESKIRT. The sideskirts of the japan-only Toyota Levin will fit the Corolla with just a bit of persuasion, and is the go to OEM solution for many E11 owners.
Option 3 is the so called MINI SIDESKIRT of the Wagon. Rare item, but findable.
And option number 4, is once again the SPORTIVO. It had different sideskirts than the others, but once again it will be impossible to find them.

5. Wheels

The lower end E11 Corolla’s came with steel wheels and plastic caps. The higher end ones came with alloys. There are 2 kind of factory alloys which both are 14”, both can be found in the gallery below. The G6R came with it’s own set of alloy wheels. This time 15”. If you don’t like these wheels, or you want another size, there’s always the option of TTE-rims. The TTE rims that where available as options for the E11 where the TTE Grandstand and the TTE Grand-prix. Other TTE-rims are, offcourse, also considered OEM. Another option is to retrofit wheels from previous versions of Corolla (or Toyota) as long as thery’re 4x100. The Sportivo had it’s own set of alloys to. You can see them on the picture of the Sportivo spoiler.

6. Others

The PFL has 4 types of grill. I’m not sure about the FL though. At least 2 that I know of.
The PFL comes from factory with a grill that has small holes in it. It is in a black or silver color. Another option is the big holed grill. The most used is the G6/G6R grill with racing mesh.
The FL has 2 OEM grills that I know of. A mesh one and one with vertical stripes.

If you want your Corolla to be lower on OEM springs, there’s only 2 options. The G6R came with springs that where 20mm lower. The TTE-springs (made by Eibach) drop your ‘rolla 40mm.

There’s a sportier backbox for the Corolla that could be bought as an option. It is the TTE backbox made by Remus. It could be bought with either 1 or 2 tips.

The Japan only Sprinter Carib and the Sportivo mentioned above had a 2din sized radio. The holder is a nice upgrade if you want a 2din radio. It does turn your screen about 4% to the right (because both cars are RHD), but even in a LHD car this is not much of a problem.

Now I know this is basicly a performance item and not an aestetic, but many people have it only for the looks of it. The sportier Corolla’s came with one of two types of strutbar. One was straight, from mount to mount, the other went to the chassis first, and then back to the other mount.
There’s also a very very hard to find TRD strutbar.

A common thing to do is to swap the wheel of the Celica T23 in the Corolla. This leather steering wheel does not only look better, but feels way better to. The G6 Facelift had this steeringwheel as standard.

The G6/G6R has a nice leather gaiter with red stitches. On top of that a metal and leather knob that looks good and handles well. The other Corollas have an ugly rubber and plastic thing. So a good thing to do if you want some better looks and you want it OEM is to take the G6/G6R gaiter. The knob you can take of the Yaris P1 or the Corolla E12.

They exist. And they are hard to find. That is all.

The Facelifted E11 has chromed doorhandles and white blinkers on the outside. A common thing to do if you have a prefacelift corolla, is to take these things.

Thanks for viewing. I hoped you enjoyed yourself.
A post about special editions is coming soon, so you got that to look out for.