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Lexus Is Axing The GS In The UK And Replacing It With This

Lexus' mid-size saloon is meeting an early grave in the UK, with a new model badged 'ES' said to be replacing it soon

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Lexus - Lexus Is Axing The GS In The UK And Replacing It With This - News

Lexus is to kill the slow-selling GS in the UK and replace it with a new model based on a new chassis and with an even greater emphasis on luxury and comfort.

The official image, above, comes a day after a leaked shot (below) emerged and gained traction online. Said to show the Lexus ES, which is the same length as the GS but uses a Toyota New Global Architecture chassis, the styling is a bit cut-and-paste compared to the likes of the existing LS luxury saloon.

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The grille is massive and the spars will be a nightmare to clean, but let’s not fuss about the details at this stage. What we can definitely infer from the blue lining around the Lexus ‘L’ is that there will be hybrid options; most probably only hybrid options.

Lexus has four- and six-cylinder petrol-electric drivetrains at its disposal and we’d expect the ES to get both in an effort to fully combat the broad engine ranges in its German saloon rivals. More will be revealed at the Beijing Motor Show in a couple of weeks.

We rather liked the GS F, too
We rather liked the GS F, too

In a very short statement, Lexus said: “More than just a pretty face, this all-new Lexus vehicle aims to radically transform the concept of comfort for luxury consumers all over the world. Witness its global debut in Beijing on 25 April 2018.”

Lexus GB sold just 428 GSs last year, a tenth of the sales rate of the NX compact SUV.

Source: Autocar