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It's Looking Even More Likely The Supra Name Will Return At Toyota

Toyota's Global Chief Engineer sounds mighty keen to revive the Supra name for the company's new sports car

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It's Looking Even More Likely The Supra Name Will Return At Toyota - News

While we know Toyota is developing a new sports car in conjunction with BMW, the details surrounding the end products are still a mystery. While the endless rumours have given us some idea, we don’t know what will power the pair, and the names of the machines are a long way off being confirmed. However, we’ve just had another strong indication that Toyota’s end of the deal will indeed be called Supra.

This is something that’s been anticipated for a while now, and the rumours were given a decent amount of credence after it was revealed Toyota had trademarked the name in Europe. Now though, Toyota’s Global Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada has been quoted by Car Advice as saying: “I love the Supra and I love the name Supra…It’s historically important to Toyota. We’re pushing for the name Supra for the new car we are developing with BMW.” He has made similar statements before, but the fact Tada-san is sticking to the Supra rhetoric can only be a good sign.

Speaking about the Japanese firm’s partnership with BMW, he said that it is “going well, very smooth,” and that the team behind the car is testing all around the world, “not just Fuji or Nurburgring.”