Adnan Ebrahim 8 years ago 0

Infographic: Think You're A Good Driver?

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So, you think you're God's gift on the roads. Don't worry, you're not alone. But how can you find out whether you're obeying the Highway Code diligently or proving a road menace for all those poor souls on our British roads? Fortunately, have come to the rescue with this infographic. The study looks at driving etiquette and settles the question of which drivers are politest on our roads and which are rudest, oh, and which are the best. When it comes to the rudest, white van drivers have held on to stereotypically being the worst on the road. They are least likely to indicate at roundabouts and let other drivers out at junctions. But they do having something going for them - the study showed that 75% of white van drivers always make sure to park within the lines and in spaces which don't inconvenience other motorists, in sharp contrast to just 30% of Jaguar drivers! That makes them the least considerate of all drivers when it comes to parking. From our experience, the only thing surprising to us is that BMW drivers weren't found in the top 10 list of worst drivers. Check out the infographic below to see if you're classsed as a good or bad driver!