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Video: How To Drift Through Hurricane Sandy Like A Boss

A Hurricane, a TV crew and a bloke in a rear-drive motor. Time to drift like a boss!

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Yesterday Darren brought you his must-read guide to surviving Hurricane Sandy on the roads, with his Top 10 Ultimate Hurricane Sandy Survival Vehicles. It’s a public service, this, folks. Now Sandy has hit land in the US and is wreaking all sorts of mayhem. If you’re over there, stay safe, stay out of the way, tuck yourself in with some car videos and keep your head down. That seems like #TeamCT have the sound advice covered, right? Choose your ultimate hurricane-proof vehicles, or stay at home. Check out Hurricane Sandy: Car Apocalypse Picture Special Not unless you’ve got a TV camera at the end of your street, a soaking wet road, and rear-wheel drive. This guy clearly thought Sandy was the perfect oppo-tunity for some oppo-lock action, and boy does he take it. Don't act like you're not impressed, Mr Reporter. Stay safe out there y’all.