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Honda Has Been Cooking Up A Bonkers Single-Seater Ariel Atom Beater

Honda has released a teaser for its Project 2 & 4, a single-seater track-focused monster powered by a MotoGP-derived RC213V V4 engine

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Honda - Honda Has Been Cooking Up A Bonkers Single-Seater Ariel Atom Beater  - News

Automotive teasers are generally quite annoying, but this one from Honda reveals some rather tantalising details. Despite being a close-up shot, two things are abundantly clear. This car being teased - designated as ‘Project 2 & 4’ - is of an open wheel design, and is almost certainly a single seater. Yep, it’s looking like Honda is about to reveal some sort of BAC Mono/Ariel Atom rival.

Unlike the Atom, however, it’s not going to feature a VTEC engine pinched from a car: the release states that 2 & 4 is "powered by RC213V", which presumably means it’ll be packing the 1000cc V4 engine from the road-going version of Honda’s MotoGP machine, the 212bhp RC213V-S.

The project is a collaboration between Honda’s Asaka motorcycle design centre, and the company’s Wako automobile design centre. The Japanese firm states the car’s "cabin-less structure produces an immersive driving environment combining the experience Honda has in providing the freedom of a motorcycle and the manoeuvrability of a car."

Want to see the whole shebang in all its glory? It’s due to be revealed at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show.