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Here's Your First Look At The Honda 'Urban EV' Interior

The coolest affordable electric car yet (we hope) has been revealed - from the driver's eye view, anyway -and it's all about big screens

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Honda - Here's Your First Look At The Honda 'Urban EV' Interior - News

The Honda Urban EV concept generated supercar levels of love around the world, and Honda had all the reasons in the world to build it.

We loved the way it looked, but there’s been precious little else to go on since its premiere. Now we’ve finally been granted an early look at what the driver will be able to see.

There are three large, wide screens that comprise a full-width dashboard that can, presumably, display everything from battery charge to navigation and probably half the internet via apps. You’ll also note The absence of air movement controls. It’s possible they could be below this main dashboard on a centre console, or they might be based on touch controls.

Honda - Here's Your First Look At The Honda 'Urban EV' Interior - News

Interestingly, Honda is no longer referring to the car as the Urban EV, suggesting there’s a new name coming, but the release that accompanies the picture is light on detail. It simply confirms a launch date of 5 March at the Geneva Motor Show. However, as you can see in the crop above, a side profile view has been craftily included in the main shot.

It’s sure to be one of the main attractions at this year’s Swiss automotive bonanza. To our eyes it looks like a fair evolution of the concept, which naturally couldn’t keep its slammed stance or massive wheels. You could always fix that, though…