Here's What Fernando Alonso Did After His Cursed McLaren Broke Down Again

Fernando Alonso is clearly done with McLaren's 2015 struggles. After his car broke down in Brazilian GP qualifying earlier, he grabbed a deck chair by the track and topped up his tan

Remind me later

Another engine issue caused Fernando Alonso to pull off track in the first segment of qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix. Earlier in the season he probably would have headed straight back to the garage to speed through his media commitments and travel back to his hotel.

However, at Interlagos he instead opted to grab a deck chair, sit back, relax and soak up the sunshine. The Spaniard even gave the camera a cheeky wink too.

McLaren’s disastrous 2015 has largely been due to the troublesome Honda engine, causing frequent retirements and record-breaking grid penalties. Alonso and Jenson Button are probably counting down the days to the end of the season…

With Alonso and Button both eliminated in Q1 (while the rest of qualifying continued) they ran up to the podium for a photo.