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Here's The New Aston Martin DBX Powersliding Around In The Snow

Aston Martin has released new footage of its first SUV undergoing cold weather testing in Sweden

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Aston Martin’s very first SUV is almost here. Certainly, some will regard its arrival as sacrilegious, but perhaps seeing this test mule going rather sideways will placate those who find the idea of such a vehicle to be unsavoury.

It certainly has no trouble getting its slide on in this video, which was shot during cold weather testing at the Flurheden Proving Ground in Sweden. We can expect it to handle well on grippier surfaces too, as Matt Becker heads up the team of “dynamics specialists” tasked with making the car steer as an Aston Martin should. Becker spent a good chunk of his career at Lotus and was responsible for the Vantage and DBS Superleggera’s very fine chassis, so it’d be a bit of an understatement to say he ‘knows his onions’.

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If you’re wondering why the camouflaged DBX has a ruddy-great dragon on the side, that’s all about where the vehicle will be made: Wales. Specifically, Aston Martin’s all-new facility in St Athan.

The DBX will go into “prototype build” at the plant halfway through 2019, while full production is due to start next year.