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Here's The Insane Aerial Footage Of VW's Pikes Peak Record Run

Sit back and enjoy this amazing helicopter-shot footage from Volkswagen's record-breaking run up Pikes Peak with the ID R electric beast

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A couple of weeks ago we were able to bring you limited roadside footage of Volkswagen’s ID R electric racer absolutely smashing the previous Pikes Peak course record by 16 seconds. Now we can bring you the full thing – from the air.

The sound was clearly filmed from the car and then mixed with the aerial footage, but it seems like it’s out of sync so don’t pay too much attention to it. It doesn’t really sound all that good most of the time anyway.

The sheer speed of the purpose-built racer, though, as it climbs the hill through the forest and the many hairpins that come afterwards, is something to behold. The movement of the helicopter partly disguises it, but at times you can see the ridiculous cornering velocities on tap. Go get a drink, sit down and enjoy.