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Here's Another F90 BMW M5 Making More Power Than Advertised

The latest version of the M5 seems to have picked up where the F10 left off - making more power than BMW's official figures

Remind me later

BMW hasn’t stopped being conservative with the M5’s power output now the new all-wheel drive version is here. The old F10 was famous for producing far more than its 552bhp official output (many made more like 600), and sure enough, the discrepancies are continuing with the ‘F90’.

Its 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 supposedly makes 592bhp at the crank, but in this dyno test from tuning firm Evolve Automotive, an F90 is seen developing 631hp (624bhp). That’s not quite as dramatic a leap as we saw in another dyno video posted earlier this year - which resulted in 625hp at the wheels - but still, that’s impressive.

It may yet develop more as the engine loosens up, and in any case, 624bhp is more than enough for most…