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Here's A Triple-Turbo Cummins Diesel Blowing Itself Apart On The Dyno

This heavily-modified Cummins engine is seen dramatically blowing up during testing, with the entire block lifting clear of the bottom end

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The nature of dyno testing highly modified engines does mean things go bang from time to time, but we’ve never seen a motor tear itself apart quite as dramatically as this one did.

The engine in question is a triple-turbo Cummins diesel, built by Ohio-based firms D&J Precision Machine and Firepunk Diesel. Apparently it was running 146 psi of boost and around 2000bhp at the time of the test.

When it does go, the block, head and turbos blow clean off the bottom end. The crank continues to turn briefly after the majority of the engine exploded away from it, leaving conrods and at least one mangled piston flailing wildly in the air.

It’s quite a sight…

Source: Road and Track