Here's A Painful Introduction To The World Of Ferrari Parts Prices

YouTuber Tyler Hoover's 'bargain' F355 doesn't need major work to fix, but that doesn't mean it's a cheap job...

Remind me later

When intrepid used car hero/mad man and YouTuber Tyler Hoover swapped a pristine Acura NSX plus $10,000 for a broken Ferrari F355, we couldn’t help but question his sanity. Even more so than usual.

But, Hoover surmised that given the bonkers state of the used Ferrari market right now, it was worth the risk. Yes, it could be a hugely expensive engine-out job to fix its coolant leak, or it could just need something simple like a new hose.

Turns out it’s the latter. The only trouble is, this is a Ferrari. And Ferrari parts are not cheap. The part in question that needs replacing is a ‘heat exchanger sleeve’, and it costs $222.49. Oh, and both ‘sides’ are being replaced, so that’s nearly $450 before factoring in labour and some new coolant.

Since this is the price of a minor job, it gives you some idea as to how F355 ownership can quickly become ruinously expensive…