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Gymkhana Ten Is A Five-Car Tyre-Shredding Epic

Ken Block's latest Gymkhana film hits multiple locations around the world in a fleet of bonkers Fords

Remind me later

Coming up with ideas for these Gymkhana videos must be a colossal task. The online world expects Block and co to up the ante every time, expecting each one to surpass the last.

Against all odds (there was quite a bit to top in Gymkhana Nine, after all), Kenneth from the Block and his team have pulled it off. How? By having more of everything. More cars. More locations. More crazy ideas.

Let’s start with the cars. They’re all Fords - because sponsorship - but they are, each in their own way, awesome. We have a Ford Focus WRC car. We have Hoonicorn. Which at one point is being towed by Block’s GT racing car-engined F-150 ‘Hoonitruck’. There’s a Fiesta WRC car, a Focus World Rallycross machine, and our personal favourite, an ex-works Escort Cosworth WRC.

Gymkhana Ten Is A Five-Car Tyre-Shredding Epic - News

In terms of locations, Lulea in Sweden, Detroit, Guanajuato in Mexico, Los Angeles and Shamrock in Texas are all hit with Ken Block’s trademark blend of drifting and general car-based tomfoolery.

As for the crazy ideas, we don’t want to give too much away, but the Escort Cosworth sparking away on bare wheels in slow motion is a particular highlight.

You’re going to enjoy this.