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GTA Online's New Sports Car Can’t Handle Left-Hand Corners

The newest addition to the vast array of GTA Online cars is a classic, 80s-style, Vice City sports car that looks incredible. But, sadly, a problem with the car means it can’t handle turning left...

Remind me later

The Infernus is a well-known car in the GTA universe and the Pegassi Infernus Classic is the latest vehicle to be added to GTA Online, but it has a serious problem.

It’s been introduced alongside the new Resurrection Adversary Mode for GTA Online and costs a staggering $915,000 to buy. Sure, it looks absolutely badass and is undoubtedly quick, which would justify the price tag. Except for the fact it can’t turn left.

Players on a GTA V subreddit started noticing the car spins out when trying to turn left, no matter what speed you’re going at. Right turns? They’re absolutely fine, but not turning left.

It’s been worked out that it’s due to a glitch with the right-rear tyre, which behaves as if it’s damaged on the Infernus Classic. This is why it spins out of control and why the car vibrates.

There isn’t a fix for it in the game, but some players are even trying to shoot the left-rear tyre to balance things out. Not the best solution…


A GTA Forums thread also noticed the problems, amid a large amount of hype surrounding the Infernus Classic being brought to GTA Online.

It’s an expensive car too, so we imagine a lot of players have sold it very quickly (despite it looking stunning). Let’s hope Rockstar brings in a fix soon so people can actually enjoy the Infernus Classic.

Via Kotaku