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Four Kids Broke Into A CarMax Lot And Caused $800k Of Crash Damage

A scummy quartet of minors broke into a CarMax showroom and began crashing expensive cars around the site, causing $800,000 worth of damage

Remind me later

Four youngsters have been arrested and charged after breaking into a CarMax site in Houston, Texas, stealing the keys to some of the best cars on the forecourt and crashing them into each other. We promise we’re not making this up.

The underage boys were caught by a police dog after fleeing the scene when officers arrived. By that time they had smashed numerous expensive cars into more than 20 others, according to one of the officers involved in the case.

Four Kids Broke Into A CarMax Lot And Caused $800k Of Crash Damage - News

It happened at the CarMax dealership just off the North Freeway in Houston’s North View. It was dark at the time, with all dealership staff having gone home for the night. An unconfirmed anecdote beneath the Harris County PD social media post suggests that one of the boys caught a nasty bite to his head while trying to escape the police dog.

Photos from the Monday aftermath make tough viewing. There’s a Corvette Z06 with front and end side panel damage, a Dodge Challenger Scat Pack minus its now-demolished front end, a Mustang that has been punted into something hard and a badly bruised-up 986-era Porsche Cayman.

Four Kids Broke Into A CarMax Lot And Caused $800k Of Crash Damage - News

The kids were immediately sent to Harris County Juvenile Detention Center, charged with first-degree felony criminal mischief. To British ears that makes it sound like the guilty party must be a naughty leprechaun, or something, but after this little night-time adventure we can be fairly sure there’s – at least – some very hefty community service due to these four.

Source: Facebook via Jalopnik