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For Sale: Post Malone’s Bugatti Chiron With Over $150,000 Of Options

One of the rarest cars in the singer/songwriter’s collection is up for grabs, and it looks ice cold

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Credit: duPont Registry
Credit: duPont Registry

It’s unlikely that the Bugatti Chiron has ever been referred to as a generic car, but when it comes to the music industry, if you’re a best-selling artist then you need to stand out.

Post Malone was certainly aware of this when he originally ordered this 2019 Chiron, as it comes in a completely unique spec. Much like the rest of the artist’s hugely valuable car collection - which has included a Ford GT and Lamborghini Aventador - this Chiron comes in white and features loads of optional extras specified by the singer.

Credit: duPont Registry
Credit: duPont Registry

One of the few things it does keep standard is the quad-turbocharged 8.0-litre W16 engine, but that’s hardly a compromise with 1479bhp, 1180lb ft of torque and a top speed of 261mph. That said, this power has barely been enjoyed as this car has just 583 miles on the clock - it’s not even properly run-in.

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The most immediately striking thing about this Chiron is the colour scheme, with its White Glacier paint on the outside and matching upholstery on the inside - here’s hoping Post Malone hasn’t spilled any Frappuccinos as the quad turbochargers come on boost. While this colour scheme is rather bold, it isn’t unpleasant, but you’d probably need to spend an alarming amount of money paying your detailer to keep it clean.

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